How to Remove a Script Virus

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Script/Exploit.kit, also known as Blackhole, is the name of a computer virus which gives remote attackers complete access to your computer. Once connected to your machine, they can then, for example, browse and download your files or use your machine to send spam. Given the severity of this threat, it is crucial to act in a timely manner if your suspect that your computer has been infected with Blackhole.


Step 1

Open the Windows Start screen and type "defender."

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Step 2

Click on the "Windows Defender" shortcut under the Search box.

Step 3

Click on the "Scan now" button and wait for the application to finish scanning your computer. Windows Defender will automatically quarantine files infected with the Blackhole exploit kit.


Always keep either your Windows or your router firewall turned on to help prevent attackers using Blackhole or other remote-access tools from remotely gaining access to your machine. Update Windows Defender regularly. Microsoft frequently releases new definition files that allow your computer to detect and remove newly-discovered security threats. Among other features, Blackhole allows attackers to log your keystrokes and download the passwords saved on your computers. If your PC is infected with Blackhole, you should therefore make sure to change your passwords, especially those giving access to sensitive information, such as online banking or webmail credentials.