How to Remove All Partitions From a USB Drive

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USB drives have become very popular devices that allow users to store files and information on a portable disk drive. When a USB drive has been modified to be read as a fixed disk, partitions can be put into place to allow users to organize different sections of the drive for different types of information.


Step 1

Click "Start" in Windows or press the Windows key on the keyboard. Then select "Run."

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Step 2

Type "diskmgmt.msc." This will lead you to Disk Management, which allows you to manage all of the disk drives connected to the computer.


Step 3

Locate the USB drive in the list of available drives, which will be on the main page of Disk Management.


Step 4

Highlight the name of the USB drive and right-click it. There, the option "Delete Partition" will become available. Select "Delete Partition."



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