How to Remove Pictures From Word Documents

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Removing a picture is as easy as using your delete key.

Pictures can add appeal to a report, a newsletter or flyer. However, too many pictures can detract from the text or clutter a publication. Word offers an easy way to delete pictures, whether you want to remove one or all of them.

Remove One Picture

Step 1

Open the Word document with the picture.

Step 2

Click on the picture once to select it.

Step 3

Press "Delete" on your keyboard.

Remove Multiple Pictures

Step 1

Open the Word document with the pictures.

Step 2

Click the "Home" tab if it is not already open. Click "Replace" in the Editing group on the ribbon. This will bring up the Find and Replace window.

Step 3

Click the "Special" button at the bottom and select "Graphic." Leave the "Replace with:" box empty.

Step 4

Click "Replace All" to remove every picture in your document or click "Find Next" to have Word lead you through every instance so you can decide which pictures to keep and which to replace. Click "Replace" to remove specific pictures.