How to Remove Write Protection From an SD Card

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Remove write protection from an SD card to change or add data.

SD cards allow you to store digital information; you can use SD cards with most electronic devices like digital cameras and computers. An SD card will become write protected if the switch on the card is placed on the "Lock" position. This prevents any information on the card from being altered or deleted. If you wish to add, delete or change any of the information, you must remove the write protection.


Step 1

Remove the SD card from the computer or digital device.

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Step 2

Locate a switch on the bottom or side of the SD card.

Step 3

Move the switch to the "Unlocked" position to remove the write protection. If you do not have a switch, you will need to remove the write protection with your computer.



Step 4

Insert the SD card into your computer's card reader or back into the digital device. You can now save and change information on the card.




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