How to Repair a Flat Ribbon Cable

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Typical flat ribbon cable with crimped connector

Solve connection errors on hard drives, optical drives and other devices that use flat ribbon cables to communicate. Repair a flat ribbon cable and improve performance by eliminating the number of retries that the system performs every time a data error occurs. Create a custom ribbon cable for immediate use with a few simple tools and inexpensive parts that can be kept on hand for use at times when buying a ribbon cable is inconvenient or the particular cable is no longer available.


Step 1

Cut the ribbon cable about 1/2-inch from the end that needs repair, making sure that the cut is clean and perpendicular to the cable.

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Step 2

Align the connector with the cable so that the conductor marked with a colored strip on the ribbon cable is attached to pin 1 on the connector.


Step 3

Crimp the connector onto the cable firmly and with even pressure. Inspect the connection for proper alignment and seating.


Step 4

Replace badly twisted or worn ribbon cable with new cable and crimp new ends where needed.



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