How to Repair a Microwave LCD Display

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Fixing your broken microwave at home can save you money and a trip to your local repair shop. One of the most common problems is a broken microwave LCD display. The LCD display is a very useful component of the microwave because it displays the current status and remaining time when heating up food. However, if the LCD needs to be replaced, it may be more economical to buy a brand new microwave than to buy the broken part.


Step 1

Check the microwave's power supply to be sure it is plugged into a wall socket.

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Step 2

Plug in another appliance and turn the power on to be sure the wall socket is working. This will determine that the power source is not broken.


Step 3

Check both the temperature and monitor fuse to make sure it is not blown. Fuses are located in different spots in each microwave brand. Check your owner's manual for information on how to locate the fuses. Take it out and check the thin wire inside the fuse. You can tell that a fuse is blown if it is discolored.


Step 4

Take the broken fuse to your local electronic shop and buy a replacement fuse that is exactly the same. Attach the new fuse into the microwave.


Step 5

Check the circuit board for a display that is only missing digits or lines. The problem is caused by a missing solder in the microwave's circuit board or a faulty capacitor. Look at the circuit inside the microwave and locate the broken line.


Step 6

Solder the broken line with a soldering iron. If you are not comfortable working with circuits, it is best to seek professional assistance.




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