How to Repair Bose Headphones

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Audio might not be clear if headphones are defective.

Bose is an audio manufacturer that offers on-ear design or in-ear earplugs. Bose products have a reputation for delivering a clear, well-balanced sound. Sometimes corrosion can occur between the headphones and the audio device on which they are being used. A simple fix can save you from having to replace the earphone set.


Step 1

Wet your wash cloth in warm water, then ring it out.

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Step 2

Wipe off the earphone jack where it connects to the audio device. This part is usually metal. Corrosion can build up on this part, causing muffled sound. Dry the jack after washing it. Water inside of your audio device will make matters worse.


Step 3

Examine both earpieces. Cracked or defective earpieces can also result in lost audio. Sometimes the earpieces can be cracked on the inside, so gently shake them to see if you can hear small objects rattling inside.

Step 4

Turn on your hair dryer. Hold it up to the earphone port on your audio device. This hot air is compressed, and compressed heat will clear out any dirt that gets caught up in the port. Build-up and residue in your audio device will block clear sound from your Bose earphones. Blow dry your device for two minutes.


Step 5

Insert the headphones completely into the port after blow drying them. If the headphones are halfway inserted, it will seem like you have a shortage.

Step 6

Test your equipment. If you still can't get a signal on the earphones, plug the jack into another audio device such as a laptop, so you can test the connection once more. If no signal is acquired after this, your headphones might be permanently damaged.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair dryer

  • Wet wash cloth


Contact Bose to get a replacement pair of headphones if yours are damaged. If your headphones are under warranty, repair or replacement is free.


Don't damage any wires while inspecting your headphones. This will result in a shortage.