How to Repair Broken Phonograph Records

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Even with the digital age taking over all aspects of pop culture, vinyl records have made a considerable comeback. With the recent release of the video game DJ Hero and bands like Radiohead (whose album In Rainbows came out on vinyl as well as CD), the younger generations are dusting off their parents old record players, purchasing new and used records and exploring the art of spinning on the "1s and 2s". So what can be done when your new favorite vinyl cracks? According to Stuart Kaufman at, your broken records can be saved.


Step 1

Work on a flat surface. Press the record down on either side of the crack. Apply a piece of electrical tape on the edge of the record where the break is. This will stabilize the record while working.

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Step 2

Mix and bead a thin line of epoxy to the broken area. Use a toothpick to apply the epoxy. Allow time for the adhesive to seep into the crack.

Step 3

Before the epoxy fully dries, use another toothpick to smooth out the epoxy. If some of the epoxy gets on the record don't worry, it will be easy to remove once it is hardened.


Step 4

Give the epoxy about 10 minutes to dry. When the epoxy finally dries, turn the record over and repeat steps 1 through 3.

Step 5

To get the excess epoxy off the record, first play the record through the needle. This will allow the epoxy to begin to loosen up on the record, as well as test out the accuracy of the repair.

Step 6

Take the sharp edge of a new toothpick to remove the excess epoxy from the surface of the record. If some of the epoxy is not coming off easily, play it through the needle again, or use a different tool to loosen up the rest of the epoxy

Step 7

Carefully run the toothpick along the break to remove the rest of the epoxy.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat work surface

  • Electrical tape

  • Epoxy

  • Toothpicks


This process cannot be redone, so be careful and precise with each step. If you have multiple broken records, you might want to try this out on a less valuable record first. Also, as far as epoxy goes, make sure it is easy to work with.


There might still be some slight interruption or clicking in the record after repairing. The amount of distraction all depends on how well this process is executed.


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