How to Replace a Bulb in a Mitsubishi DLP TV Lamp

A million mirrors and one lamp give you the DLP experience

A Mitsubishi DLP TV delivers a picture known for its sharp and vivid color. If the lamp inside burns out, you can no longer watch TV in brilliant color as delivered by the millions of microscopic mirrors inside. You can call a technician, but expect to pay over $300 to replace a bulb in a Mitsubishi DLP TV lamp. Or, you can order the bulb and do it yourself for much less. Mitsubishi has made the job easier for you by designing the bulb as a "lamp box" that is easy to replace.

Step 1

Unplug your Mitsubishi DLP TV and position the unit so you can easily access the back.

Step 2

The location of the screws in the lower back panel

Locate and remove the screws for the back panel. Do not remove the entire back of the TV but the lower panel only. The screws will be located in the edge of the panel.

Step 3

Locate the projection box in the center of your DLP TV. The projection box will have a series of wires coming out of it and be attached to the speaker housing with four screws.

Step 4

Remove the four screws holding the projection box in place and slide the projection box out. It will not come all the way out but will slide out like a drawer. Disconnect the electrical wires at the projection box by pulling the connectors apart. You should now be able to see the projector lens itself.

Step 5

The lamp box is designed to slide out

Facing the back of the DLP TV, the lamp box is on the right side of the projector lens. Pull the lamp box to the right and it will slide away from the projector lens.

Step 6

Grab the top of the lamp box firmly and pull it out of its spring holding clips. Replace it with your new lamp box by pressing the new box into place in the same manner as the old one. Finish the job by reconnecting and installing everything you opened or removed.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

  • Mitsubishi DLP TV Replacement Lamp Box (For Your Model DLP TV)


Test your Mitsubishi DLP TV before you close up the back to make sure that the bulb in the lamp box is in good working order.


Only use a bulb and lamp box specifically made for your model of Mitsubishi DLP TV. The wrong bulb could overheat and increase the risk of an electrical fire.

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