How to Replace the Power Button on My Computer

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After countless turn-ons, your computer's power button is bound to get worn out, sooner or later. If the button begins to malfunction in some way, don't bother taking it to a repair shop. Simply follow these steps and repair it yourself with relative ease.

Step 1

Shut down your computer. From the desktop screen, " click "Start" in the bottom left corner, and then click "Turn off computer." Next, click the red button that says "Shut down." Wait until your computer has completely turned off before proceeding with the following steps.


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Step 2

Disconnect all cables from the computer. Locate the 3-prong power cable on the back of the computer casing, that runs from the computer to the wall socket. Gently pull the cable out of the computer. Locate the monitor cable connection on the back of the computer. Unscrew both knobs on either side of the connection cable by turning them counterclockwise until the connection cable becomes unattached from the computer. Locate the mouse and keyboard connection cables (usually on the back of the computer and indicated by appropriate icons), and gently pull the connection cables from their appropriate jacks. Remove any modem cables that are attached to the computer (often indicated by an icon that looks like "3 boxes" on the back of the computer).


Step 3

Press the power button on your computer (usually located on the front center). Hold the button for approximately 5 seconds, to drain any residual power that might be left in the computer

Step 4

Remove the left side panel of the computer casing. Push in on the handle located on the front bezel of the computer, and pull the cover away from rest of the computer casing. Some computers will have screws that attach the panels. In such cases, you will have to unscrew all the screws to remove the left side panel from the computer.



Step 5

Remove the main bezel. Position the exposed panel facing up, so that the main bezel (the panel with the power button) faces to the left. Push the bezel release tab (which should now be located in the lower right corner of the exposed panel), and move the right side of the bezel forward. Move the front bezel away from the computer, with one hand, and cover the power button with the other, so that it does not spring out.


Step 6

Firmly, but carefully, remove the power button cap from the actual button. It may take a few twists and turns to remove it.

Step 7

Push on the rear of the power button itself, until it comes out the other side of the front bezel.


Step 8

Take the spring from the power button assembly you've just removed and place it onto the new power button stem. Insert the new power button into the front of the bezel and snap the power button cap onto the stem, on the rear-side of the bezel.

Step 9

Reattach the left panel and the front bezel onto the rest of the computer casing.

Step 10

Reconnect all cables that were initially removed.



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