How to Replace Your Laptop Spacebar

Sometimes your spacebar might be a little sticky, and you may need to take it off to clean underneath.

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Replace Your Laptop Spacebar

It's really easy to pop it off, but a bit trickier to put back on.

Let my pictures show you the steps I took to remove and replace my laptop spacebar.


It's really simple to take it off. Just slide a thin object underneath the spacebar and pry it off. It will make a popping sound as you separate it from the keyboard, but it is made to come up very easily.


Under the spacebar is a thin metal bar that slides underneath one hook on each side. Make sure the metal bar is hooked on both sides.


When the metal bar is hooked in place, simply lower the spacebar down and press on both ends until you year it snap and it doesn't come up anymore. Yes, it is that simple!

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