How to Remove the Stand From a Vizio TV

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Removing the stand from your Vizio flat-panel TV is relatively simple, although the exact way to get the stand off differs by model. A little bit of careful handling and a few turns with a screwdriver are all it should take to pop the TV loose and get it ready for mounting on a wall. If you're dealing with a larger model, though, get someone to help you. You don't want to damage such an expensive piece of equipment.


Step 1

Make sure the TV is powered off.

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Step 2

Disconnect all cables from the TV.

Step 3

Lift the TV and place it with the screen side down on a soft, flat surface, such as a bed. Double check before you set it down; an object lying underneath can easily scratch the cabinet--or worse, damage the screen.


Step 4

Inspect the stand. On some models, the base detaches from the neck of the stand; on others, the entire stand attaches as one piece.

Step 5

Remove the stand base--the horizontal "foot" that the TV rests on--if this applies to your model. If there are tabs where the base meets the neck, squeeze them and pop off the base. If the base is attached with a screw through the bottom of the base, then remove that screw and pull off the base.



Step 6

Remove the plastic neck cover, if your TV has one.

Step 7

Locate and remove the screws holding the stand to the TV. There will be four or eight screws, depending on your model.

Step 8

Pull off the stand. On some models, you may have to push downward slightly--toward the front of the face-down TV--to get it off.

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