How to Reset a Blaupunkt TravelPilot

Back up any data you want to save to an SD card.
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There are two types of resets you can perform on your Blaupunkt TravelPilot device: a hardware reset and a software reset. A hardware reset is useful if an error message displays or the device freezes. This type of reset maintains personal settings stored on the device, while a software reset returns the device to its factory settings, erasing any personal settings and information you've added since originally purchasing the device. If you elect to perform a software reset, back up any data you want to save before proceeding.

Hardware Reset

Step 1

Flip the TravelPilot over and locate the Reset button found on the back of the device. The button is small and recessed. Its exact location will vary depending on the TravelPilot model you're using. On some models, it's located below the memory card slot. On others it's found next to the port where the charging cable is connected.

Step 2

Press the "Reset" button with the tip of a thin, pointy, non-conductive object, such as a pen or toothpick. The object must be small enough that its tip fits into the recessed space.

Step 3

Hold in the "Reset" button for two or three seconds and then release it. The TravelPilot will automatically reboot.

Software Reset

Step 1

Click the "Settings" icon located along the top of the TravelPilot's screen. The Settings icon resembles a small gear or cog with a letter "S" superimposed over top of it.

Step 2

Select "Options" to load the Options screen, and then select "General" to load the General Settings screen.

Step 3

Select "Restore factory settings" on the General Settings screen and confirm that you want to reset the device, if prompted. The TravelPilot will then shut down, delete your personal data and saved settings, and then restart when the system reset is complete.


If you're using the TravelPilot DX-N model, a hardware reset is performed slightly differently. On these models, press and hold the "Eject" button until the screen turns off. When the screen turns off, release the "Eject" button and wait for the device to reboot.

To back up data before performing a reset, start by inserting an SD card into the TravelPilot's SD card slot. Once the card is inserted, press the "Menu" button, select "Manage" and then select "User Data Management." Select "Back up user data" to back up all of your user data to the SD card.

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