How to Reset a Buffalo AirStation

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Changing computer system configurations is a fact of life when more devices interact through Wi-Fi connections. Taking a wireless router made by Buffalo Inc. back to its factory settings serves as a shortcut for rebuilding your wireless network. Though Buffalo Inc. makes a range of models, many under the AirStation name, you can reset most wireless routers in one of two ways.

Reset Switch

Most Buffalo Inc. wireless router models have some sort of reset switch to return all parameters to factory default values. Models such as the AirStation WZR-1750DHP or WZR-1166DHP have a button on the bottom panel which, when pressed and held for about three seconds, initialize and reboot the router.

Other models, such as the AirStation WHR-G300N, have an access hole on the bottom of the device, into which you can insert the end of a straightened paper clip to press the reset switch to initialize and reset the router.

Configuration Software

Usually, wireless modems and routers need wired connection to a host computer for initial setup and configuration, and it is possible on some models to initialize and reset using configuration tools built into the router. If your router can be reset through software, the procedure follows these general steps:

  1. Connect your Buffalo Inc. router to the host computer via Ethernet cable.
  2. Open a Web browser on the host computer and enter the router's IP address. By default, this is usually for Buffalo Inc. products, but may be different if you've changed the configuration.
  3. Enter the user name and password. These change by model or by user updates. Defaults to try are user name root and no password, or user name admin and password.

Once you have accessed the configuration tool, search for the initialize/restart page, which may be under the Config tab, such as on the WHR-G300N. Choosing Restart keeps your current user settings while choosing Initialize resets the device to its factory default settings.


Some Buffalo Inc. router models do not have a reset or initialize feature in software. Also, if you do not have the current user name or password, initializing using the switch method is your only option.

Locating Your Router's Information

Buffalo Inc. provides a handy Web page to recover documentation for your router model. Enter your model number to search for information specific to your device.