How to Reset a Digital Converter Box

Digital converter boxes were designed to make it possible for people with analog televisions to be able to access digital channels. Television stations nationwide no longer broadcast their signals in the analog format, having switched to digital broadcasting. Use of an antenna alone with analog TVs will no longer work because of the digital switch. With a digital converter box, however, you can still use your antenna to access TV channels.

Step 1

Turn on your converter box, go to the "Function" menu and then select "Factory Reset."

Step 2

Enter your PIN number (created during the initial setup) when prompted, and press "Yes." The reset process will now begin, reverting your converter box back to its factory settings.

Step 3

Select "Auto Scan" from the menu once the reset process is complete and push "Rescan." This will reset your channels. When the setup wizard appears, follow the onscreen prompts.

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