How to Reset a Keyboard

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Reset your keyboard to either enable different languages or typing or as part of troubleshooting a wireless keyboard. The method you choose for resetting depends on your needs. If you're enabling a language or typing approach, use your Control Panel options. To reset a wireless keyboard, use a simple, stepped approach to fix your device. In either case, the process is relatively easy and can be accomplished without any specific tools.


Step 1

Click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Click the "Change a Setting" choice in the left column. In the window that appears, double-click the "Keyboard" icon. This dialog box handles all settings for your current keyboard. Alternately, click the "Start" button at the bottom left of the screen. Roll the mouse pointer up to "Settings" and click "Control Panel."


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Step 2

Reset the character repeat settings. The speed of character repeat and the delay before repeating starts is adjustable with sliding level indicators. Click on the adjuster and hold your finger on the mouse button to drag the adjustment left or right.

Step 3

Change the cursor blink rate. A faster blink helps to locate the cursor while moving it with the arrow keys. Change the blink rate by dragging the slide to the left or right for slower or faster.


Step 4

Enable the keyboard to accommodate one-handed typing or foreign languages. Click on the "Input Locales" tab near the top of the dialog box. Click the "Add" button for choices of available languages. Click the "Properties" button for choices to include Dr. Dvorak’s keyboard layouts for two-handed typing or single-handed typing with either hand.


Step 5

Place the keyboard near the receiver of the wireless signal. Remove any other wireless devices at least 10 feet from the receiver.

Step 6

Press the button on the receiver near the wireless device symbol, which looks like a branched tree. The light that shows the receiver is receiving signal begins to blink. Follow the on-screen instructions, and the press the "Control Channel" button on the bottom or side of the keyboard. If the signal light on the receiver remains steady, the keyboard signal is reset.


Step 7

Replace the batteries. Keyboards and other wireless devices can have intermittent issues if they are powered by batteries that are fading. Most wireless keyboards store batteries at the top of the keyboard.

Step 8

Update the keyboard software and drivers (full link in Resources).


Step 9

Pair the keyboard with a different computer. If it works on another computer, see if the signal is interfered with and preventing the keyboard from responding properly by clearing away any other wireless devices, such as other keyboards or a wireless mouse.


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