How to Reset a Magellan GPS

If your Magellan vehicle GPS has trouble tracking satellites, you wish to clear the currently active route or you've just updated the device, reset it to get the gadget back on track. As of 2014, the products in Magellan's GPS lineup feature three different types of reset configurations, if they have a reset feature at all. In addition to a soft reset, which restarts the device to address the aforementioned issues, you can also reset the Magellan eXplorist's odometer or restore the Echo fitness GPS with just a few button presses.

woman using global positioning system
A woman sits in the driver's seat of her car, adjusting the GPS unit mounted on her windshield
credit: diego_cervo/iStock/Getty Images

Physical Switches


Slide the Magellan GPS unit's power switch to the off position, if your GPS has a two-way slide-style switch. Hold the switch in the off position for 8 seconds or more to reset the device.


Slide the switch to the reset position if your GPS has a three-way switch. These switches feature “Reset,” “Off” and “On” labels. Hold the switch on the reset position for 10 seconds to initiate a reset.


Inspect your GPS for a reset pin hole if the unit has a push-down power button rather than a switch -- check the bottom and sides of the device for a pin-sized hole. Insert a pin or a straightened paperclip into the hole, pushing until you feel a slight pop. Hold the pin or clip down for 10 seconds and the GPS will reset.