How to Reset an Optoma Lamp Timer

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Optoma projectors utilize a self-monitoring lamp timer, meaning that resetting the timer is part of the bulb replacement function. Optoma designed replacing the bulb to be a consumer-level process, not requiring a specialized technician to tackle the task. Given this, it is critical that you not ignore bulb replacement warnings. All that is required for replacing an Optoma lamp is a simple screwdriver and care in handling the bulb.


Step 1

Turn off the power to the unit, either from the remote or front panel's "Power/Standby" button. Allow 30 minutes for the bulb and projector lamp housing to cool.

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Step 2

Flip the main power switch, and remove the power cord to completely disconnect the unit.


Step 3

Flip the unit upside down. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws holding the lamp cover on.

Step 4

Unscrew the screws holding in the lamp housing with the Phillips screwdriver. Flip up the housing's handle and pull the old bulb straight out.


Step 5

Insert the new bulb. Complete the process by reversing the bulb removal steps. The lamp timer will automatically reset.

Step 6

Enter the user menu via the remote control. Press "Menu," "Options," "Lamp Settings," "Lamp Reset," then "Yes" if the lamp fails to automatically reset.

Things You'll Need

  • New Optoma lamp

  • Phillips screwdriver


Do not ignore lamp replacement warnings to prevent bulb or projector housing damage.