How to Reset Craigslist Visited Links

Managing your privacy while browsing Craigslist can be done quickly and easily.

In the age of the Internet, privacy has become a major concern. The Internet is used for a number of things, such as private conversations, work, making purchases and just browsing -- all things that you may wish to keep to yourself. Craigslist, also called Craig's List, is a useful site for buying, selling, finding things to do and meeting people. However, you may wish to keep your Craigslist activity private.

Private Browsing

Step 1

Turn on "Private Browsing" in your browser options. This is the easiest and most direct way to avoid any record on your computer of your visited links on Craigslist. Web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari offer a "private browsing" mode in which none of your activity is recorded.

Step 2

Browse Craigslist, or any website, as long as you'd like. While this feature is turned on, no Internet browsing history will be recorded on your computer. This includes searches, forms, and websites visited.

Step 3

Turn off "Private Browsing." When you are finished browsing the Internet, turn the "Private Browsing" function off to restore the tracking of visited links and sites. You may toggle this function on/off whenever you wish to enable or disable the recording of your Internet history.

Clearing Internet History

Step 1

Browse Craiglist at your leisure. Take your time and do whatever you need to do on the site. All information that is entered into the site, and each link visited, can be cleared, so don't worry about your on-site activity -- provided, of course, that what you're doing is legal.

Step 2

Clear your Internet browsing history. Doing this will clear the history and recorded activity of all the sites you've visited. Browsers vary, so find the browser history section and choose the "Clear History" button or its equivalent. To be extra-safe, clear the browser history, cookies, and the cache. Note, however, that doing this will also delete any passwords or form information that you have saved on a particular site.

Step 3

Resume your browsing activity. Once your browser history is cleared, you are free to browse again as much as you'd like. You can always go back to clear your history again, or you may browse the Internet in "Private Mode."


Browser technology is always changing. Check for the latest, up-to-date version of your browser for the best history management techniques.


While you can clear your Web browser activity, your Internet Service Provider may have a history of your activity. Do not assume that just because your computer has no record of your activity, that your ISP doesn't, either.