How to Reset My Computer Completely

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You can reset your computer

When you first get a new computer it looks clean, feels fast and doesn't seem to have any problems. After a period of time you get the feeling that your computer is slower and cluttered up and it just doesn't have the zip it once did. You know your computer can be fast, so you don't want to buy a whole new computer. You can however, reset your computer completely so that it is practically like new.


Step 1

Back up all of your files. When you completely reset your computer you're going to lose everything you did and all of your files. Copy your documents and other files onto a CD, DVD or flash drive.

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Step 2

Restore your computer. Windows has a built in program called System Restore. If your computer isn't too old you can use System Restore and choose the date to go back to when you first started using your computer. Many computer manufacturers no longer provide CDs with the operating system but provide a program that will reinstall everything on your computer. The files are often located on a different partition or drive that may even be hidden. Look for a program in your programs list for such a restore function.


Step 3

Reinstall the operating system. If your system restore didn't work or you don't have one, you can reinstall Windows. Put your Windows CD in your computer and restart your computer. Accept the license agreement and choose to install Windows. One of the menu options will be to choose a hard drive. Select your current drive and choose the option to format the drive using the full or long format. If you do not format your computer first it will not be completely reset. After formatting however, you will have to reinstall all of your computer programs.