How to Reset the Combination on a Laptop Security Cable

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Many laptop locks require a special "Kensington" lock port.

Popular with college students, professionals and other mobile laptop users, laptop security cables protect laptops when used in public spaces. The laptop combination locks fit into a special port on your laptop or netbook called a "Kensington" port or may fit in a standard port such as a VGA port. Each user establishes a unique combination for the lock. By wrapping the attached cable around a sturdy, large object and through the loop at the end of the security cable, you can secure the laptop.


Step 1

Set the combination to "0000" (the factory preset combination for many laptop locks) or to the current combination if you have changed it since purchasing it.

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Step 2

Insert a screwdriver or an included reset tool into the reset screw or pin. Rotate the reset screw or pin to the appropriate position. You may need to rotate the pin clockwise or counterclockwise 60 to 90 degrees.


Step 3

Scroll the combination dials to select a new combination. Write down the combination.


Step 4

Rotate the reset screw or pin to its original position. Test the new combination prior to connecting the lock to your laptop.



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