How to Unlock a Kensington Combo Laptop Lock

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The Kensington combination laptop lock is a locking mechanism that allows users to secure their computer. The lock is most useful when the computer is used in a public location, such as a library. Many laptop computers are built with a locking hole, called a Kensington slot, which supports the use of laptop computer locks. Once the Kensington combination laptop lock is connected to your computer, you cannot transfer the computer to another location until the lock is removed.


Step 1

Press in on the unlock button and twist the first of the four numbered dials until the first number in your combination is set on the lock.

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Step 2

Repeat Step 1 with the second, third and fourth number dials to enter the rest of your combination.


Step 3

Continue pressing the unlock button and twist the lock counterclockwise until it no longer moves.

Step 4

Pull the lock out of the Kensington Security Slot on your laptop computer. Do not pull too hard on the lock as it may damage the lock or your computer. If you encounter resistance when trying to pull the lock out, press in on the lock button again and turn counterclockwise again to ensure it was fully twisted.




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