What Do You Do if You Forgot the Combination to Your Targus Defcon CL Lock?

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The Targus Defcon CL lock is used to secure a notebook computer to a table or other surface. The lock uses a user programed combination to secure the computer. To remove the lock easily, you must have access to the lock's combination


Targus' website notes that 10,000 combinations are possible for the Defcon CL lock. While the company does not suggest trying each combination until you find the correct one, you may attempt this method by setting the lock at 0000 and trying each combination in a systematic pattern until you discover the correct match.


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As there are so many different combination possibilities, contacting a local locksmith for assistance in opening or removing your lock is one option suggested by Targus. Another solution is to contact Targus' support line at 800-283-6325 for instructions on how to cut your computer free from the cord based on your individual situation.




Avoid removing the Defcon CL lock from your computer by yourself without the combination, as it could result in damage to your computer. Care must be taken to prevent damage when using a method other than your combination to release the computer from the lock.




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