How to Resize a Web Page to Fit the Screen Size

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Use the zoom feature to resize websites to fit your browser window.

Sometimes a website will be designed with a specific resolution in mind. If the resolution differs from the resolution settings on your computer, parts of the page could be cut off, requiring the use of scroll bars to view. All web browsers include a tool that allows the user to temporarily enlarge or shrink an entire website from within the browser. The Zoom tool is also useful for reading small text or taking a closer look at small pictures, although images appear pixilated if the page is viewed at too high of a level of magnification.


Step 1

Navigate to the website that you would like to resize.

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Step 2

Maximize the web browser window by clicking on the box icon on the top right of the window, located between the "_" box and the "X" box. If this solves the issue then there is no need to make any further changes.

Step 3

Click "View" at the top of your web browser window.


Step 4

Select "Zoom," then click "Zoom In" to enlarge the website or "Zoom Out" to reduce its size. Each time "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out" is clicked, it will increase or reduce the magnification an additional level. Continue adjusting the "Zoom" option until the page is displayed to your liking.




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