How to Resize Logos

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A graphic artist sends you a logo file with specific dimensions. If you don't have expensive third-party graphics applications, you can resize your company logo using Microsoft Paint. This application is included with all versions of the Windows operating system. Resizing a logo only takes a few steps, and then you can upload it to a website and include it on your web pages.


Step 1

Right-click your logo file on your hard drive. Select "Open With." Microsoft Paint is included in the list of software compatible with the logo file format. Select "Paint" and click "Open" to open your logo in the software.

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Step 2

Click the "Image" button at the top of your software and select "Resize." This action opens a dialog window in Paint.


Step 3

Check the box labeled "Maintain aspect ratio." This avoids distortion when you resize the image. In the "Resize" section, enter the logo's new dimensions. You can also use percentages. For instance, type "50" to reduce the image size by 50 percent.


Step 4

Click the "Paint" button at the top-left corner. Select "Save" to save the changes to the logo's size.




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