How to Restore Chronological Order of Email

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Since email is a prevalent force in most of our daily lives, email providers have continually raised the capacity limits of our inboxes. This is a great advantage for those of us who keep massive quantities of emails, but what happens when you need to find a particular message quickly? There are several ways to organize your email and chronological order is often the default setting for email programs. Restoring chronological order to your email is as simple as a click of the mouse.


Step 1

Open your email program or sign in to your email website. From here, each email client will behave differently, so finding your sorting options will vary.

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Step 2

Select your mailbox settings or preferences option to open the settings menu. From here, check to see if there is a setting for viewing your email and change this to reflect chronological order.


Step 3

Select the "Date Received" option directly on your mailbox and click on it. In many programs, this will automatically sort your mail into chronological order. You may need to click more than once, as this option can sort oldest to newest or newest to oldest.





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