How to Save Directions From Google Maps

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Google maps directions are incredibly accurate and useful around the world.
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Google maps directions are incredibly accurate and useful around the world. Pulling up directions is easy while in service but saving a route for quick reference adds a layer of convenience. You can even save maps and routes for offline use so the maps retain functionality without any service. This feature makes Google maps convenient for traveling in remote areas or internationally without an active cell phone plan.


Saving Routes to Shortcuts

Saving Google maps directions is useful for road trips and quick access to routes. A delivery driver, for example, can save a route in advance with planned stops. This prevents the need to stop and look up addresses while on the road. Simply pull the existing route and follow the instructions.

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Saved directions is a great feature for road trips. Research the planned stops in advance and save directions to hotels, restaurants and other planned stops. Navigating a new city or unknown area is difficult and planning in advance can save some headaches. It also increases safety by ensuring your directions are easy to retrieve. Looking up maps and directions while driving is dangerous and should never happen.


To save directions in the form of a shortcut on the home screen, first pull up Google maps and enter the directions. Choose the starting point and destination while adding additional stops as desired. Look for the three vertical dots in the top-right menu and tap the dots to generate a screen. Choose Add route to home screen and it will save as a shortcut. You can also share these directions with other members of your group.

Saving the directions is convenient but they will not always function offline. If the map area is already cached on the phone as a commonly used map, you will have some offline functionality but saving the map for offline use is often required to use these directions outside of service.


Saving Offline Maps

Saving Google Maps for offline use means you can continue navigating and following accurate directions without any service. Some functionality like Google maps street view and business reviews are lost while offline but the important navigation remains intact. It only requires GPS to track your location which is standard when the phone has a clear view of the sky.

To save an offline map, first enter a city or town central to your routes. Google maps will navigate to this city with a menu located on the bottom of your smartphone or tablet. Tap a blank space on the menu to retrieve a number of different options for this map. Locate the three dots in the top right corner and tap to generate a new menu. Select Download offline map and a new map will appear inside of a box.


Use your fingers to zoom in or out depending on the area you want to save. Zooming out makes it possible to save an entire region on the map. Tap Download when the zoom is correct and the map will save to your device. Do the download while in good service. A WiFi connection is ideal to prevent eating up your data. After the download completes, the previously saved directions will function normally without any service.

Keep in mind that downloads use hard drive space on your device. When the map is no longer needed, delete the map to free up more space for media or new maps. The amount of space used depends on the size of the map selected.