How to Save My Favorites List

By Aaron Parson

Just as with other critical files on your computer, it's important to back up your bookmark list so you're ready if you upgrade your PC or experience major problems with it. The process varies depending on whether you use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, but each program provides a tool for generating and saving your bookmarks to a single file.


Step 1

Open the menu in Chrome, point to **Bookmarks** and choose **Bookmark Manager**.

Step 2

Open the **Organize** menu and select **Export Bookmarks to HTML File**. As of Chrome version 41, you might not see this menu, in which case click the gear icon in the corner of the window to find the export option instead. Some versions of Chrome alternately title the option **Export Bookmarks**.

Step 3

Browse to any directory and press **Save** to export your favorites.


Step 1

Click the **Bookmarks** icon and choose **Show All Bookmarks** in Firefox 29 and above, or press **Ctrl-Shift-B** as a shortcut in any version.

Step 2

Open the **Import and Backup** menu and choose either **Backup** or **Export Bookmarks to HTML**. Exporting to HTML creates a file compatible with other browsers, while a backup is designed specifically for Firefox.

Step 3

Choose the location to save your backup or export and press **Save**. You can save your bookmarks to any folder on your computer or directly to an external drive.

Internet Explorer

Step 1

Open the **File** menu in Internet Explorer 10 or 11 -- press **Alt-F** if you can't see the menu bar -- and click **Import and Export**.

Step 2

Select **Export to a File** and click **Next**.

Step 3

Check the **Favorites** option, along with any other items you want to export, and click **Next** again.

Step 4

Select the **Favorites** folder at the top of the window and click **Next** to export all of your favorites.

Step 5

Type the location on your computer or on an external drive where you want to save your exported favorites, or click **Browse** to browse to the directory. Click **Export** to create the file.

Tips & Warnings

  • All three browsers also feature systems for synchronizing bookmarks between computers. In Chrome, log in with a Google Account to save your bookmarks to your account. In Firefox, open the "Sync" tab in the options to set up a sync account. For Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1, search for "sync" on the Windows Start screen and choose "Sync Settings." Internet Explorer on Windows 7 cannot sync bookmarks.
  • Importing bookmarks from a file can overwrite the bookmarks already on the browser's list. Only import your bookmark file on a new computer, when recovering after a crash or if you have to reinstall your browser.