How to Set Up a Memo Format

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Prepare a memo to document information and inform employees.

Documents in a memo format are often used for interoffice correspondence, for such tasks as sharing information or making requests. A memo typically includes a header, which will say who the message is for, who it is from, the date and the subject. Below that is the body, where the message itself is written. Microsoft Word and Excel are two programs that offer memo templates. You can also set up a memo format using your email program.


Step 1

Create a memo using Microsoft Word 2010 by selecting from several template designs. Click "File," "New." Select "Memos" under Templates, and double-click on the memo style you want to use. You can edit the format, if necessary, and add information to it.


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Step 2

Create a memo using Microsoft Excel 2010. Click "File," "New." Select "Memos" under Templates. Double-click on the memo style you want to use. Edit the memo format by deleting rows and columns or renaming the headings for the table.


Step 3

An email may also serve as a memo and there is less formatting involved. Many fields correspond to the headings on a memo, including "To," "From," "Date" and "Subject." The email message field contains the memo's body content.



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