How to Set Up the Answering Machine on a Panasonic Phone

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Set up your cordless phone answering machine.

Your Panasonic cordless phone system comes with an answering machine that is designed to record messages. Set up your answering machine to your personal preferences so that you can collect messages while you are away from home. Once your answering machine is set up it will work in exactly the way that you prefer it to and you can listen to your messages and return phone calls whenever you get home from work or play.


Step 1

Press the "Greeting Check" button on the base of your Panasonic phone to listen to the current greeting. If the current greeting is satisfactory, you can leave it.

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Step 2

Press the "Greeting rec" button on the base of your Panasonic phone and listen for a beep. Speak clearly and record a short greeting. Press the "Greeting rec" button when you finish recording the message.


Step 3

Check your recorded message by pressing the "Greeting Check" button. If you like the new recorded message you are all set. If not, repeat the steps until you get a message you like.

Step 4

Adjust the volume of the answering machine on your Panasonic phone. Press the "up" arrow to turn the volume up and press the "down" arrow to turn the volume down. This is designed to enhance your message listening experience.



Step 5

Pick the number of rings that you want the phone to emit before the answering machine picks up. The factory setting is four rings. Press "Menu" and press the up or down button until you reach "Initial Settings." Press "Select" at "Set Answering." Press "Number of rings." Use the up or down keys to select the number of rings and then hit the "Select" button.


Step 6

Press the answering machine's "Play" button to listen to your messages. A number will appear on the base of the phone to represent the number of messages you have. Press "Delete" to remove your messages from your Panasonic phone's answering system.




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