How to Set a Message on a Panasonic Cordless Phone

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You can personalize the greeting callers hear on your Panasonic cordless phone.

Several Panasonic telephones come with a built-in answering machines. You can leave the telephone as is and let your callers hear a message pre-recorded on the device by Panasonic, or you can personalize your phone with your own greeting.


Step 1

Press "Getting Rec" on the base unit.

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Step 2

Press "Getting Rec" again within 10 seconds after you hear the pre-recorded message, "To record greeting, press record again."


Step 3

Lean in so you are within eight inches of the microphone on the unit, and wait for the long beep.

Step 4

Record a personal greeting lasting up to two minutes after you hear the beep.


Step 5

Press "Rec Greeting" or "Stop" after you have finished recording your greeting.


Step 6

Record your greeting again if the base unit displays an "E" and beeps six times in a row.

Step 7

Press "Greeting Check" to hear the greeting you recorded.

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