How to Check Voicemail on a Vtech

By Maya Walker

Voicemail for a wireless phone or a landline phone can be checked from a Vtech phone. When a caller places a call to your phone and you are unable able to take the call, voicemail allows the caller to leave a brief message. The message can be retrieved at a later time. Many wireless and landline phone service providers offer this feature at no additional cost. Depending on the phone service provider, the process to check voicemail on a Vtech phone may vary.

Step 1

Pick up the Vtech handset and press the "Talk" button. Listen for a dial tone.

Step 2

Enter your voicemail system access number. Depending on the phone service provider, you may need to dial your 10-digit phone number or enter a code such as *123 as the access number.

Step 3

Enter your voicemail password when prompted.

Step 4

Select the appropriate option to listen to the messages. Select the option to erase the message or save it. Press the "End" button on the Vtech handset to disconnect the call.

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