How to Access Verizon Voicemail on a Land Phone

By Steve Gregory

If your Verizon Wireless cellphone has lost power or is malfunctioning, you can use a land phone -- more often called a "landline" phone -- to access your Verizon voice mail messages. In most situations, you'll want to access your voice mail directly from your Verizon cellphone, and although this service is intended for use with your mobile phone, you can still use a landline to retrieve your voice mail. To access the system, you must know your Verizon Wireless password and your landline telephone must be a touchtone phone.

Step 1

Pick up the handset of your landline phone and dial your 10-digit Verizon Wireless number.

Step 2

Press the "Call" or "Dial" button on the landline phone to initiate the call, if your model requires it. On some landline phones, no additional steps are required after dialing the number.

Step 3

Press the "#" button when your voice mail greeting begins to play.

Step 4

Enter your password when prompted by the voice mail system and then press the "#" button once more.

Step 5

Follow the instructions from the Verizon Wireless system to access your voice mail. For example, press the number "1" to listen to your messages.