How Do I Forward Voicemails on Verizon Cell Phones?

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Sometimes you get an email so funny or touching that you want to share with others. What do you do? Forward the note of course. You can also do the same with a voice mail message. Verizon Wireless offers their customers with voice mail the option of forwarding voice mail messages to another friend or family member's phone. All it takes is punching a few phone keys.


Retrieve Message

First access your voice mail to retrieve your messages. The Verizon Wireless website's support section breaks down the simple steps to retrieving your messages. Just press *86, hit send and then wait for the mechanical voice to tell you when to enter your password.


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Listen to Message

After entering your password you'll be connected to your voice mail box. When you're done listening to the message you want to forward, the mechanical voice will give you a list of actions. Press "0" on your phone for more options.


Moving Forward

Next, press 6 to "send copy." Send copy is basically forwarding the message. You'll be asked to record an introduction that precedes the message. This will the give the receiver a heads up on what to expect in the message. For example you can say, "Hi Lisa, listen to this message my grandson left me after he won the big game."


Press # after completing the intro.


Sending Message

Once you're done with the intro, enter the recipient's box number or phone number and press #. According to the Verizon Wireless website, the forward option "only works with other Verizon Wireless Voice Mail subscribers in your own area." Call Verizon to verify for your area because sometimes service options do change.


Press # to send and * when finished.

Keep in Mind

Contact your wireless carrier for any questions about message forwards and fees




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