How to Remotely Retrieve Answering Machine Messages

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How to Remotely Retrieve Answering Machine Messages. Not only do today's answering machines prevent you from missing calls, they make it possible for you to check your messages while you are out. All you need to know to check your messages remotely are your home phone number and your access code. With these you can retrieve your messages from any location.

Retrieve from an Analog Answering Machine

Step 1

Be sure to set your remote access code when you install your answering machine. This is usually a four digit code. Choose a number that has meaning to you and will be easy to remember. You may decide to keep the manufacturer's preset access code, but the downside is that it may not be a number that you will remember easily.

Step 2

Use a touch tone telephone to dial your telephone number. Your outgoing message will begin to play as soon as the answering machine picks up. Press the star (*) key twice to bypass the message.

Step 3

Wait for the beep, then enter your remote access code. You should hear another beep and then your messages should begin to play at this point.

Step 4

Listen for a beep after each message. This is how your answering machine lets you know that a message has ended and it is about to play another one. When it has played all the messages, the machine will beep twice.

Step 5

Decide whether to keep or erase your messages.

Step 6

Save or delete your messages. Your answering machine has been programmed to delete or save all the messages when you press certain keys remotely. Refer to your manual to find the relevant keys.

Retrieve from a Digital Answering Machine

Step 1

Dial your telephone number using a touch tone telephone. When the answering machine picks up and begins to play your outgoing message, enter your remote access code. Your answering machine will announce the number of messages you have and then beep twice.

Step 2

Wait for the machine to begin to play your messages. It should start after about four seconds. Use the relevant keys to repeat, skip, save or delete a message. You can also repeat a part of a message or back up to previous messages.

Things You'll Need

  • Answering machine

  • Touch tone phone


Answering machines that use magnetic tape cannot save or delete individual messages. If you decide to save or delete, you would be keeping or erasing all the messages on the tape. Be sure that you have all the information you need from the messages before you delete them.