How to Set Up Wi-Fi Direct Using a PC

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Wi-Fi Direct is a powerful service which allows two devices to connect to each other without relying on a wireless router as an intermediary. When the technology originally debuted in 2010, a number of manufacturers began incorporating the resource into their hardware. However, given the rapid pace of technological evolution, the protocol was largely abandoned in 2013.


By this time, computers now had the ability to create similar improvised networks for file sharing without the use of Wi-Fi Direct. That being said, those who are still interested in using Wi-Fi Direct as a wireless file transfer service can do so by completing a few relatively straightforward steps. Moving forward with your Wi-Fi Direct service can begin as soon as you are ready!


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Why Use Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is an ideal solution when you want to send something to another wireless device without requiring the internet. For example, if you're trying to print something through a wireless printer or send a photo to somebody in the same room, you don't really need to send the data through an internet connection. Much like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct gives you a direct way to send files like this.


Exploring Wi-Fi Direct for PC

If your device you are attempting to connect to your computer has the Wi-Fi Direct feature included with it, creating a network is relatively simple. First, you will need to turn on the specific device you wish to connect to your computer using Wi-Fi Direct. Keep in mind that this device must also be Wi-Fi Direct enabled. Find the specific task window on your device that allows you to turn on Wi-Fi Direct and do so. At this point, you should be provided with a specific network name and passcode.


When you return to your computer, access your network menu and locate the new network created by the Wi-Fi Direct device. At this point, you can simply connect to the network using the passcode provided. Your computer will now be linked wirelessly to the device in question.

Assessing Other Options

As mentioned previously, Wi-Fi Direct is just one option for individuals looking to connect to a tablet from PC Wi-Fi or other similar tasks. You can now create a network similar to those using the Wi-Fi Direct protocol on your computer by selecting the "Network Options" menu on your Windows operating system and clicking the "Set up an Ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) network." This feature will accomplish the same level of connectivity as Wi-Fi Direct. Just like the Wi-Fi Direct service, these ad hoc networks can be connected to by any device featuring wireless connectivity.