How to Speed Up the Buffering on a Computer

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You can speed up the buffering on your computer.
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All too often, the pleasure of being able to view favorite TV shows and movies on the computer is interrupted by a process known as buffering. This occurs when the data for the movie or TV show that is being viewed on the computer arrives faster than this data can be processed. This places the information in a sort of holding pattern until it can be processed and viewed. This buffering is what leads to movies freezing on the computer monitor. Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can take to speed up this buffering process.


Step 1

Close all programs on the computer whenever you intend to view TV shows or movies online. Open programs can decrease the computer's ability to process the information as it arrives.

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Step 2

Close all open tabs on your Web browser except for the one that you are using to view the movie or TV show.

Step 3

Select a time when fewer people are likely to be online viewing movies or TV shows. The early morning and late night hours usually offer better viewing times and will eliminate some of the choppy video playing. Video streaming is affected by the number of people accessing the website and the Internet.


Step 4

Upgrade your Internet connection if you have dial up service. Contact your ISP and switch over to high speed Internet.

Step 5

Add a software video player from your preferred TV network.

Step 6

Pause the video at the first sign that it is stopping. Wait a few seconds for it to load more fully and then resume play. Alternatively, you can pause it at the onset and allow it to load more fully before pressing play.


Step 7

Upgrade your processor to a better one to improve video buffering.

Step 8

Add more RAM to your computer or, at the very least, clear the temporary Internet cache and history to free up resources.