How to Stop Mobile Sites on iPhone

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Desktop sites tend to use up more data than mobile sites.
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Many websites have an alternate mobile version that loads automatically when you visit from a mobile Web browser, such as Safari on the iPhone. Though formatted to better fit smartphone screens, these mobile versions sometimes offer fewer features or less information than the regular site. To stop seeing mobile sites, you can either request the desktop version at each site you visit or use an alternate browser that tells websites to always send the full version.


Desktop Sites on Safari

The iPhone's built-in Web browser, Safari, does not offer a way to stop mobile sites from showing up in advance. Most sites, however, contain a link somewhere on the page to disable the mobile theme. You can often find this link at the bottom of the page, with text such as "Desktop Site" or "View Full Version." This choice will generally last across all pages on the same website until you close the tab.


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Alternate Browsers

Some alternative Web browsers on iOS include an option to view the desktop versions of websites across multiple sites. For example, on Chrome, tap "Request Desktop Site" in the menu. In Dolphin, open the menu, tap "Settings" and then switch on "Desktop Mode." In Mercury, open the menu, tap "User Agent" and pick the name of any desktop-based browser, such as "Safari (Mac OS X)" or "IE 10." You can find and download all of these browsers for free on the App Store.




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