How to Stop Windows Installer From Popping Up

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Windows Installer popups may be caused by Windows configuration issues, by Windows Update prompting you to install updates or by malware. To stop them, regularly run anti-malware software, stop Windows Update from prompting you to install updates by setting it to automatically install them in the background or to install updates only when you tell it to do so.


Configuring Windows Update

In Windows 7 or 8.1, Windows Update configuration is found in the Control Panel.

Step 1

Click the Windows Start Menu.


Step 2

Within the Start Menu, click Control Panel.


Step 3

Within the Control Panel, click System and Security.


Step 4

Click Turn Automatic Updating On or Off.


Step 5

To configure Windows Update to automatically install updates without asking, set the Important Updates selector to Install Updates Automatically. To set it to install updates only when you explicitly request an update check, set it to Never Check for Updates and return to this menu when you want to explicitly tell Windows to check for updates.


Check the Recommended Updates box to apply the same settings to non-critical updates recommended by Microsoft, as well as important updates that fix security and reliability issues.


Microsoft recommends that you set Windows to automatically install updates and that, if you choose not to do so, you make sure to explicitly check at least once a week.