How to Tell If Your Computer Is Bugged

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Caution will help keep your personal and financial information safe on your computer. Although you might think that detecting a bugged computer would be nearly impossible, it pays to remember that a program monitoring your computer will be running on your machine. Therefore, you can ferret out the presence of monitoring software by looking through your operating system to discover exactly which programs are running.


Step 1

Press "Ctrl," "Alt," and "Delete" at the same time to bring up the Task Manager.

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Step 2

Click on the "Processes" tab and look through the list for any suspicious programs that you do not remember starting. Do an online search of the "Image name" of any unknown program. Select any questionable programs and press "End Task" to stop their activity.


Step 3

Open the "Start" menu and click on the "Run" button.


Step 4

Type in "msconfig" then press "Enter."

Step 5

Click on the "Startup" tab and look through the list. Uncheck the box next to any suspicious program, as this could be monitoring software.

Step 6

Press "OK" and restart your computer.

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