How to Fix Java Virtual Machine Launcher Error

Check your computer for malware
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Java Virtual Machine is essentially an interpreter that translates Java byte codes into machine-specific instructions. From time to time, you may face issues with Java Virtual Machine during its launch. You may get the following error message: "Java Virtual Machine Launcher could not find the main class: program will now exit." The error is rarely fatal, so you can continue to work, but it is annoying. You can get rid of the error by checking your computer for malware and editing your startup programs.

Step 1

Use the built-in Windows utility
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Remove any malware that may have entered your computer. Click "Start" and type "mrt" (without the quotes) in the Search field. Press "Enter" to launch a built-in Windows utility, Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. Click "Next" and choose "Full Scan." Follow the on-screen prompts to finish scanning and remove any spyware or adware from your computer. Reboot your computer.

Step 2

Click "Start," and type "msconfig"
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Click "Start," type "msconfig" (without the quotes) in the Search field and press "Enter." This will launch your System Configuration utility.

Step 3

Click the "Startup" tab.
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Click the "Startup" tab.

Step 4

Remove the check mark next to "WJView.exe" and "javaw.exe."
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Remove the check mark next to "WJView.exe" and "javaw.exe."

Step 5

Click "OK" and reboot your computer when prompted.
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Click "OK" and reboot your computer when prompted.