How to Tell the Date Your Pictures Were Taken on an iPhone

While the Apple iPhone itself doesn't tell you the date a photo was taken, there's a wealth of information contained in each shot that you can access when you download it to your computer. To get started, transfer your photos to your computer and then locate them in File Explorer.

Look and Hover

Hover the cursor over the image in File Explorer. A description appears over the icon including the date and time the photo was taken. Note that the image dimensions and file size are also listed here.

The date taken appears over the photo.
The date taken is listed just under the item type.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Microsoft.

Get the  Details

Click the View menu in File Explorer and select the Details option. The date and time is included in the details information. Click the title of the Date column to list the files chronologically instead of alphabetically. Clicking the Date title a second time reverses their order.

The dates are displayed beside the image names.
The Date is listed for each file using the Details View option.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Microsoft.

Open Properties

Right-click the photo's icon in File Explorer and select Properties. The date the image was created, last modified and last accessed is displayed. For even more information about the photo, click the Details tab. Here, you'll find information about where the photo was taken based on its GPS coordinates, the make of your iPhone, shutter speed and more.

The date and time the file was created, modified and accessed is displayed.
Date and time information is listed under the General tab.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Microsoft.