How to to Fix a Broken Cell Phone Camera

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to fix a broken cell phone camera

Most cell phones today come with a built in cell phone camera and unfortunately accidents happen and often a user ends up trying to figure out how to fix a broken cell phone camera. Not all problems with cell phone cameras require a trip to the shop or even a replacement camera. However, you should note that the cell phone camera is built into the body of your cell phone so in this article on How to fix a broken cell phone camera we will deal only with external problems.

Step 1

How to fix a broken cell phone camera if your cell phone gets wet. Even if you followed each and every step and carefully dried your cell phone still moisture may remain behind the camera lens and cause fuzzy photos. In this case the solution might be as simple as a can of pressurized air used to clean keyboards and computer parts. Hold the air nozzle a few inches from the lens and direct the flow of air into the crevices around the cell phone camera lens. Often this will help in drying up small amounts of moisture. If you still find moisture trapped then a hair dryer can be used on very low heat. Be aware that heat can dissolve adhesives inside the cell phone and use only the smallest amount possible.

Step 2

How to fix a broken cell phone camera if the lens is scratched. Occasionally accidents or even normal wear and tear the cell phone camera lens may be scratched and in many models simply replacing the face plate or lens cover will remove the scratches and blurs. Of course this will depend on your camera model. For instance in the easiest case it is as simple to replace as a Nokia N97 all you need is the replacement lens cover and a precision cell phone kit such as those made by Torx. Other models may be more complex or even nearly impossible to replace.

Step 3

How to fix a broken cell phone camera if the LCD screen is scratched and making taking a photo with your cell phone difficult or impossible and never mind trying to use them to call someone. Several companies make cell phone scratch remover kits. These kits consist of a chemical that polishes the LCD surface and can make an unreadable and scratched screen surfaces into a crystal clear almost new screens. This wont work if the LCD screen is cracked not just scratched. There are also replacement faces available for most cell phone with cameras if you are not comfortable with tools then it is probably not a project for you, but with a cell phone repair tool kit most people can manage to replace the LCD screen with little or no trouble.

Step 4

How to fix a broken cell camera if you are getting error messages. A few of the more advanced cell phone cameras have their own operating systems and yes, their very own error messages when trying to take photos. In most instances this is a situation that will require a trip to the repair shop however there is one quick trick you should try first. With for instance a Blackberry cell phone the zoom function can refuse to work at times. Before rushing off to a shop simply power it down and remove the battery pack cover and then remove the batteries. Reinsert the batteries and it can often fix an annoying little glitch in your mobile phoneís camera.

Step 5

How to fix a broken cell phone when the camera needs to be replaced. Cell phone cameras do not lend themselves to do it yourself projects. It will require a good set of precision tools and the manufacturerís specifications for your camera model. In most cases it is usually easiest and wisest to take the cell phone in for repair. The results will be predictable and the stress less. If you a dyed in the wool do it yourselfer with an electronics background or at least a lot of confidence then you will need to consult the specifications for your individual cell phone camera and proceed with care.


One of the easiest ways to fix a broken cell phone camera is prevention. We canít prevent all accidents but a lens cover or camera cover for your mobile phone camera will help avoid some common issues that plague cell phone cameras.