How to Track a Stolen AT&T Phone

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Due to their size and portability, cell phones are unfortunately easy to steal. However, with a bit of detective work, the Internet and beneficial tracking features that AT&T offers, it may be possible to retrieve a lost or stolen cell phone. There's no guarantee you'll get your phone back, but you can improve your chances.


Step 1

Sign-in to your AT&T "myWireless account" on the official AT&T wireless homepage. Locate "My Account," and click on "Services." Click on "Device Support," and select "Deactivate Account." Press "Confirm" to suspend your services. Contact AT&T at 1-800-331-0500 if you have any questions or concerns.


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Step 2

Search all of your surrounding areas thoroughly, including outdoors. Retrace your steps and search every location that you have been to from the time you lost your phone. Remember to search in hidden areas such as under car seats, furniture and clothes.

Step 3

Place a call to your phone several times from different phone numbers. Note that your phone may have been found, and placing a call to your phone could connect you to the person that found it. Consider sending out a text message to your phone number, offering an incentive or reward to anyone who returns it. Be mindful that you will be responsible for any charges made to your phone prior to cancellation, but AT&T can still help track the location of your phone even after you have deactivated your account.



Step 4

Keep in mind that AT&T offers a plan called "Family Map" which will track your phone and its whereabouts. Visit the official "AT&T" FamilyMap" website to sign up. Note that additional charges apply to use this service.

Step 5

Utilize a free online phone-tracking website, which will you to help track your missing phone. Register with sites such as "iTag" and "Missing Phones" and follow the prompts for registration. Check back with each site regularly for updates.




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