How to Trace the Location of a Call That Was Made

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Although the police use sophisticated tracking technology to track the location of phone calls during investigations, if the caller's phone number and address are publicly listed, you can track a call by using some tools available on the Internet. If you know the number of the caller, then you can type in the number on a reverse lookup website, which will then display the address of the caller. If you don't have caller ID on your phone or the number was blocked, you can use the service provided by TrapCall to reveal the number.


Step 1

Obtain the caller's phone number by consulting your caller ID log or your voice-mail service, if the caller left a message with her phone number.

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Step 2

Dial *69 on your phone, if you don't have caller ID. The last phone number to call you will be given.


Step 3

Sign up for a plan at TrapCall's website, which is a service that unblocks any phone number from any phone.

Step 4

Navigate to a reverse lookup website, such as, or Find the reverse lookup option on the website's home page, then enter the phone number that you would like to trace and click on "Find." If the person's phone number and address are publicly listed, you'll be given her address.



Step 5

Contact your local police department, if the person's phone number and address is not publicly listed and you need or want to track her location. If your reasons for seeking the location are warranted, the police will use their tracking tools to find the location. Some of these reasons may include tracking the location of someone who is harassing you or tracking the location of a missing person.



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