How to Track the Location of a Cell Phone Using an IP Address

By Victoria Gorski

You can easily track any cell phone you have access to, either using GPS (global positioning software) or by using the phone's IP (Internet Protocol) address; many use cell phone tracking to find lost or stolen phones or to keep an eye on their children. Online IP trackers can be used to pinpoint the whereabouts of the phone. Although tracking a cell phone by its IP is less accurate than GPS software, it is generally easier to use and allows you to avoid unsolicited or dangerous software downloads to you cell phone or computer.

Step 1

Open any search engine of your choice, for example Google or Bing. For this method to work your cell phone must use an Internet connection provided by the phone provider, for example GPRS or 3G.

Step 2

Search for an "IP finder" website from a search engine on your cell phone's browser. Some examples are or You can use any website you find as most will give you the correct result. You can also locate your phone's IP without accessing the Internet. Depending on the model, you can find information about your phone in the Settings, Options or Help section of your cell phone. These provide information on the version and model of your cell phone (including the IP). Refer to your manual if you can't find this information.

Step 3

Follow the instructions on you preferred website and jot down the IP address shown. Note that for some mobile phones the IP address will change if the battery is fully removed and the phone is reset.

Step 4

Search for an IP locating website, such as (you do not have to be on your cell phone to search for an IP locating site). Look for "real time" updated sites that will show the most recent location of the IP you are trying to trace. Results will vary depending on the site, but most will be able to give you a real time location accurate to a few meters of your cell phone's location.

Step 5

Type in your IP address to your chosen website or follow the instructions on the website to get a real time update on your cell phone's location.

Tips & Warnings

  • This method works well for smart phones or phones that are constantly connected to the Internet.
  • If your phone is stolen, make note of you IMEI number (normally located on the back of your phone) and call your provider to block your cell phone.
  • If you cannot locate your IP or have trouble using this method, trying using a GPS tracking device/software.
  • Be aware of IP tracing and IP identifying sites. Use sites that specify they collect no personal data and are recommended or well-known sites.
  • IP tracking is not 100 percent accurate and should never be regarded as such.
  • Abusing the use of cell phone tracing and tracking can lead to invasion of privacy. Be cautious of how you use cell phone tracking so as not to impose on someone's privacy.