How to Track a Stolen GPS

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A Global Positioning System (GPS) device in your car is a popular target for thieves. It's ironic that the system that can log your every move can't be tracked when it's stolen. Well, some people have figured out a way to reverse that irony. There is a Web site created to track stolen electronics. You can register with the service and download software to track your device on your own. Even if you happen to find it, you will still have to contact the police in order to retrieve it. It's best to contact local police as soon as your GPS device is stolen. They may be able to track it down themselves.


How to Track a Stolen GPS system

Step 1

Give the brand name and model and serial numbers of your GPS device to local police. They will add your info to the list that is sent out to local pawn shops and flea markets. The problem is that many thieves elect to sell the products online, making it even more difficult to trace. If your local police can't locate your GPS device, you can take the matter into your own hands.


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Step 2

Go to and download the site's software. GadgetTrak is a Web site that is geared to tracking stolen gadgets. The service costs less than $15 a year.

Step 3

Enter your device's information. This means serial and model numbers and brand name. You will also have to enter your contact information when you register for the service.


Step 4

Wait to be notified through your GadgetTrak software. Whenever your device is plugged into a computer, it will open up GadgetTrak's software and notify the rightful owner of the device. You will be given the exact location of the device.


Step 5

Notify the police that you have found your stolen GPS device and you want to get it back. They will work with you to retrieve the stolen goods and apprehend the thief.



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