How to Find a House Address Using an IP

By Priya Hariharan

Technology is so advanced that you can find information on almost anything in minutes from your home by just logging onto your computer. Internet protocol (IP), for example, can be used for much more than just finding the number assigned to a computer in a network. People are often interested in tracking an IP address to get a location or a physical, home address. The steps below list the process for getting a physical address from the IP address.

Step 1

Open the link to access the IP address lookup tool. There are a number of free lookup tools available on the Internet. All these tools return information about the hosting company for the IP address.

Step 2

Type in the IP address by following the instructions on the IP lookup tool. Each tool may have a different format for inputting the IP address.

Step 3

Write down the result returned. The result will have the information on the Internet service provider with the state, city and a phone number.

Step 4

Contact the Internet service provider for information on how to get the physical location for the IP address. The Internet service provider will have customer information for every IP assigned but will require legal documents in order to disclose the information. The document could be a police report or a court order seeking a release of the information.

Step 5

Get the required documents and submit them to the internet service provider to get the address for the IP. You cannot get the exact location of the IP without legal documents.

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