How to Transfer Favorites From One Garmin to Another Garmin

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Keep all your favorites when you upgrade your Garmin.
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Garmin pulled down $2.6 billion of revenue in 2013. Its automotive and mobile GPS devices made up 49 percent of that revenue, and the Garmin nüvi 50LM, Garmin nüvi 52LM and Garmin nüvi 2597LMT top Amazon's Top 100 list for GPS and navigation equipment. If you are like many other drivers who rely on Garmin to get around, you have many favorite locations stored in your device. Upgrading your Garmin doesn't mean you have to lose your favorites or reenter them.


Back Up Favorites

Download and install BaseCamp (see Resources) if you haven't already done so, then open it. Plug your old Garmin into your computer using a USB data cable. Right-click on "Internal Storage" or "All Data," depending on your device. Click "Send To" and "My Collection." Click "OK" to finish backing up your favorites to your computer.


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Transfer Favorites

Disconnect your old Garmin from your computer and connect your new Garmin. In BaseCamp, right-click "My Collection" and "Send To." Select "Internal Storage" or "All Data," depending on your device. Click "OK" to finish transferring your favorites to your new device.



If you run into any hiccups, make sure that both your Garmin devices are registered. When you are finished transferring your favorites, delete the Temp.gpx file in your new device's GPX folder.