How to Transfer Pictures From an iPhone to a MacBook Pro

The iPhone is designed to fully integrate with Apple computers such as the MacBook Pro, which is why it's so baffling that you can't transfer your iPhone camera roll to your Mac directly through iTunes. When you connect your iPhone to your MacBook Pro, iTunes opens automatically, but unless you configure certain settings yourself nothing will open for your photos. Mac OS X provides two solutions for downloading photos from your iPhone's camera roll: iPhoto and Image Capture.

Image Credit: littlehenrabi/iStock/Getty Images


Step 1

Turn on your iPhone and connect it to your computer.

Step 2

Navigate to your Applications folder and double-click the "iPhoto" application icon to open.

Step 3

Click the device icon for your iPhone in the left column of iPhoto and then select the images you want to import. Use the "Shift" key to select multiple images in a row or the "Command" key to select multiple nonconsecutive images.

Step 4

Click the "Import Selected" button to import your selected photos. Click the "Import All" button to import all of your photos.

Image Capture

Step 1

Navigate to your "Applications" folder and double-click the "Image Capture" icon to open.

Step 2

Click the tab next to "Download to" to select a destination to save your transferred photos. Image Capture automatically downloads to the Desktop if you do not select a destination.

Step 3

Click the "Download All" button to transfer all of your photos. Click the "Download Some" button to select the photos you want to download.